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Ecolabel is a voluntarily-accepted seal that is granted to products and services that comply with the ecological and performance criteria set on a European level. Receiving this seal (a flower is the symbol) is proof of excellence awarded to products/services with reduced environmental impact. The European environmental seal for accommodation facilities was established to distinguish those European tourist facilities featuring the highest environmental quality level.


The criteria set by Ecolabel are designed to limit the main forms of environmental impact caused by accommodation services. In particular, the aim is to: – limit energy consumption – limit water consumption – limit the amount of waste produced – encourage the use of renewable resources and more eco-friendly substances – promote environmental awareness and education.


We are committed to implementing, both on the organisational and technical level, measures directed towards preventing pollution, saving energy and constantly improving the environment.
Tobago Hotel chose “Ecolabel” in order to raise environmental awareness among not only our co-workers but also our guests.  Thanks to just a few simple gestures and very little effort, your constant contribution, on holiday as at home, will greatly add to a more sustainable life.


The environmental choices that have enabled us to obtain the Ecolabel seal are:

–   reduced pressurised water flow with delivery lower than 9 litres per minute from showers and taps;

–  a separate waste collection system in all sections and rooms. Each floor is equipped with special waste bins to allow guests to continue separate waste collection even while on holiday;

–  no harmful liquids in the drainage;

–  the use of low energy consumption light bulbs;

–  though maintaining the quality standards of a 4-star hotel, bed linen will be changed according to the spirit of environmental policy;

–  the purchase of cleaning products bearing the Ecolabel seal;

–  an electronic room opening and closing system, thanks to which when the guests leave the room lights are turned off automatically and air conditioning or heating are optimized;

–  the use of a number of organic products produced in the region;

–  the use of office paper bearing the Ecolabel seal;

–  bicycles for use of guests;

–  staff environmental training;

–  the use of renewable energy sources: green stamp for 100% of the energy purchased, which comes from hydraulic production plants;

–  shampoo and soap are available in dispensers to eliminate non-recyclable waste, such as single-dose toiletries


ECOLABEL, official website.