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Infinite well-being, authentic relax

Garden, outside Pool & Jacuzzi



Enjoy moments of complete well-being in our green garden, you will find the outdoor swimming pool ideal for regenerating yourself, thanks to different types of relaxing and invigorating hydro massages: foot massage, vascular circuit, neck waterfall, multi-function hydro massage bench & hydro-beds toning.
Pool water as outside temperature.

Warm Well-being



Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience of relax in the outside Jacuzzi Whirlpool, with hot water, a warm, exclusive corner for you.

For you, for your well-being, the freedom and lightheartedness of living unique and authentic moments.

Just enjoy your holiday, we’ll take care of the rest.

Tobago Vital Spa: your Private Wellness area

Intimate and liberatingly open


Your private Spa, an exclusive place, ideal for authentic well-being, only for you.

Returning to yourself.

To treat yourself unique emotions and deep well-being.
Lights, scented essences and colors become part of a relaxation path.
Choosing a Private Spa experience is the best way to give yourself precious time and live
unique, unforgettable moments

Wrapped in soft bathrobes, let yourself be pampered by the warmth of the Finnish organic Sauna, the Steam Bath, rich in scented essences, continue your relax-path in the suggestive Vitarium, where you can let yourself go, in total harmony of body and mind.
The aromas, the sensations, the lights that spread and make everything brighter: enjoy a warm magical shower with chromotherapy and aromatherapy.


You will experience truly special moments, thanks to the benefits of the Kneipp path or with the body stretched out and relaxed in the warmth of the heated bench or immersed in the hot water beds of the relaxation area with saline waterfall.


Treat yourself to a regenerating moment in the Vitalis-spa corner with a hearty quality selection of fresh fruits and herbal teas prepared for your relaxing well-being

Sure, by booking at the private spa, you can also enjoy the green garden, where you will find, in this case available to all Hotel guests, the Jacuzzi Whirlpool with hot water, about 36-38 ° degrees, and the Swimming pool (water as outside temperature ) with a variety of relaxing and invigorating hydro massages.


More Info:
Private spa is an exclusive service, advance booking, at an extra cost, is mandatory, subject to your kind request and our availability which must always be followed by a written confirmation from us. Private spa is a service subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


Please feel free to contact us for more information on services, prices and availability of the exclusive private spa service.