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Tobago Vital Spa

Moments of total well-being



Tobago Vital Spa offers a space in which to relax after a long walk on the shores of Lake Garda or a day spent outdoors: inside the wellness area, you can enjoy moments of intense relaxation thanks to a carefully designed trail.


Wrapped in fluffy towels, allow yourself be caressed by the warmth of the BIO Finnish sauna and soak in the Steam bath, rich in essences and essential oils, with emollient properties. Continue your relaxation within the picturesque Vitarium, where you can let yourself go, in total harmony of body and mind.


Beneficial for the skin, toning and rejuvenating the Ice waterfall is waiting for you, to counteract the hot temperatures of the sauna or Turkish bath, and create a feeling of lightness and relief.

Vitalis-Spa Corner



When booking a stay at the Hotel Tobago, you can enjoy all the services of the Wellness area, including Vitalis – Spa corner with Organic fruit and herbal teas selection, ideal for a renewed mental and physical balance.

Relaxation area


The magic of colour spreads and radiates in a snug hot shower: relax with the vibrations of chromo therapy and aromatherapy and the benefits of the Kneipp trail.


You will experience special and relaxing moments, with your body outstretched and entrusted to the warmth of the heated bench or immersed in the relaxation area with Waterbed and Saline waterfall.

Outside pool and Jacuzzi


Facing the scenic lakeside and nature surrounding and in the main section of the hotel, the large outdoor pool, is ideal for you to regenerate, thanks to a variety of relaxing and invigorating hydromassages: foot massage, vascular circuit, neck waterfall , hydromassage bench that is multi-function, hydro-toning beds. The swimming pool water boasts a completely biological treatment. The outdoor pool is not usable in winter, only in summer.


Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in the outdoor Jacuzzi-Spa with 6 stations and 32 points for hydro massage, used throughout the year, with a constant temperature of 36-38 °

Spa a la carte

To find yourself, relax and enjoy all the best of wellbeing, Tobago Vital SPA offers treatments including SPA massages, relaxation rituals and the Special Massage selection with dedicated and innovative treatments.


We also offer, pedicure & manicure services and Lady and Gentleman hair removal.


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